Cosmetic Dentistry
enhancing your smile

With a focus on natural looking, beautiful outcomes we can design a cosmetic dental treatment plan to help erase any concerns you have with the appearance of your smile.

At PQB Dental Clinic, we not only look at the appearance of your teeth, but how they impact your facial profile. This comprehensive approach allows us to design treatment plans that will not only beautify your smile, but positively impact your overall facial aesthetics.  The cosmetic dentistry treatments can include teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, and bridges.

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening is one of the most simple, yet effective treatments to transform your appearance to a healthy, youthful and fresh smile.

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Our uniquely customized cosmetic veneers can visibly erase any of the unwanted characteristics such as chipped or cracked teeth and transform your appearance to a perfectly beautiful smile.  In some cases full porcelain highly aesthetic crowns are recommended over veneers.  Ask Dr. Rogers what is best for your smile.

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